Who’s The Writer?


James Zhan

Hello there, reader! My name is James Zhan and I’m a writer (duh), aspiring editor, bookworm, metal head, freelance audio engineer and music producer, and musician. Hmm, that’s quite a lot of labels…but hey, that’s me!

I’m doing a double major in English literature and book publishing at York University in Toronto, Canada. My majors are some of those believed-to-be niche programs that only nerds study, right? Sure, but that where my passions lie and if I wasn’t studying what I’m passionate about in university, I would regret it for my whole life because I absolutely love my programs!

I created this blog because I love writing. It’s one of those things that I just can’t live without. To me, writing is a form of powerful and delusional magic. Don’t shake your head yet; listen to me first. To start off, writing materializes your thoughts–something that is formless and so dynamic–in such a way that they are enabled to be–if preserved–for many, many years, shared, questioned, understood, argued, agreed on, borrowed, expanded, and so on. Just think about how magical that is! Second, writing can create anything. Are you saying writing can’t create anything? You are wrong, unfortunately (or fortunately). Writing can create a new world–think about the world of magic J. K. Rowling has created. Writing can create a human being–think about Sherlock Holmes and how for a period of time many believed Mr. Holmes and Dr. Watson were actually real people; good fictional writing is able to connect the story with you and your life, no matter how absurd the story is, ha! Third, writing can manipulate human emotions. This one shouldn’t be hard to understand. Horror stories scare or creep the hell out of you, tragedies make you cry and comedies make you laugh. Simple, right? I can go on and on with the list but I think you get the idea. Plus, it’s not like writing needs anymore promotion, you know?

Ah right, I kind of digressed; I should really start talking about this blog, “The Ink on Which I Live.” Everything is very straightforward: I will write book reviews, original short stories and opinion pieces. I read quite a lot and when I encounter a good book, I will like to write about it; sometimes I like to rant about books I don’t like too. As I’m a huge fan of fiction, I write short stories as well (sometimes I write horror stories that scare the hell of myself). Opinion pieces can really be anything. I could talk about something I see throughout the day or about some interesting experiences I have had. But they are just my opinions, so don’t get triggered if you don’t agree with them!

What a loquacious lad I am, writing so much in this small section–but hey, I’m a writer! Anyways, hope you enjoy my blog!

P.S. If you ever wonder what an audio engineer or a music producer does, I basically work with bands and I record them and mix their music. I have released a couple of records out already, and I’m currently working on a few! Go here if you want to check out the audio engineer side of me!

–James Zhan, July 6th, 2016